MAN-E-NEWS// Unbox Industries announce future collaborations with The Disarticulators…

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Yet another HUGE project we’ve been finding extremely difficult to keep to ourselves over the past few months, we can finally reveal today that Unbox Industries will be will be teaming up with The Disarticulators to produce a brand new range of vinyl figures in a variety of shapes and sizes! To get the ball rolling Unbox will be introducing the team (including our very own Tru:Tek!) to the public on their stand at Toycon UK… The guys give us a little heads up on what will be on offer-

“The Disarticulators are proud to be bringing a number of different exclusives to the Unbox booth including the long awaited aluminium ‘K-1000’ KESH-E-FACE, the ‘Not So Standard’ TTFTD mini figure 3 pack, and the ‘Midnight Assassin’ Higekami, all cast in a mix of both resin and super-flexible rubber. Figures come bagged and headed with mini art print…

Joining the plethora of Disarticulator…

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