New Kaiju Eyezon


I’m finally able to reveal the new Kaiju Eyezon !! Sculpted by Handsome Taro M in Japan ! This new vision of Eyezon as you can see is much more organic and monsterous ! Right now the sculpt is off to have it’s wax done, followed by Iron molds and paint masks. The first release is scheduled for May if all goes well ;-P

The size is the same as the first Eyezon about 10.5 inches tall. Full details very soon and more pics !

Eyezon_2013Sorry for the lack of blog updates but have been busy behind the scenes painting away customs ( the one below ) for various shows in the next few months plus we have a ton of new figures in various stages also coming out. I still have a blog about my visit to Shimizu-san to post as well …


Also to clarify something I emailed…

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