Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance

Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance.


Angelic Champagne 4 – drypoint coaster

Demonic Wine 3 – drypoint coaster


About Mgon ♥

"You don't truly know someone until you know what medication they're on." -Mgon I'm Weird & Irritable. A typical Scorpio!
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3 Responses to Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance

  1. Nancy Farmer says:

    thank you for re-posting! 🙂

    • Mgon ♥ says:

      Hey, Nancy! How nice to see you on my meager blog. Heh-heh. But the repost didn’t repost with any photos. *frown* I tried to figure out why, to no avail. But still, it’s fun being inspired by your art enough to want to share it 🙂 You’re creations are certainly inspiring! Thank you!!!

      • Nancy Farmer says:

        I think maybe something in wordpress has changed as this is the second or third time lately that someone has ‘reposted’ something of mine or something else i have tried to look at, and all that seems to be there is the title. Odd. But nice to think that people are truing to share my posts even if it comes out not as expected… x

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