A Faster Mobile Web: WordPress.com Updates for Accelerated Mobile Pages

The WordPress.com Blog

Earlier this year we were proud to announce that WordPress.com users’s sites would automatically support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) — a new open-source project spearheaded by Google to dramatically improve the performance of web pages on mobile devices.

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It’s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name

The WordPress.com Blog

If you’ve been looking for the perfect address for your blog, it’s about to get even easier. Millions of new .blog domain names (like yourname.blog) will be available this November — and starting today, you can apply to secure your own domain name.

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#Art of Fantasy 56: Aaron Nakahara

Woelf Dietrich

aaron-nakahara-dakrlordriseslAll the artists I feature on here are phenomenal and stand out in a crowd, but every now and again I find an artist who even rises above that, and Aaron Nakahara is one of those artists and you’ll agree with me when you see his work. He blows me away. He’ll blow you away. There is so much savage power in his paintings, so much contained energy, it’s like the composition bleeds and bubble from the strain. And yet, I find myself perplexed because I also see a quiet elegance in his work.

Aaron is a freelance artist who calls himself a faux game designer, family man, lover of stars and science,  and is apparently always smiling, which I don’t doubt. Given the intensity of his paintings, the emotional release from painting them must be fantastic. And, by pure coincidence, Aaron is also on Patreon. If you click this link it…

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The One Where An Author Steals Text From My Book To Sell Pirated Software

David Gaughran

IWSParadonIn today’s episode we are going to out a two-bit huckster who tried to put one over on yours truly, take a quick detour through the verdant fields of copyright law (and the slightly plainer meadows of moral rights), and then end with an example of how to handle a scammer.

Sound fun? Strap yourselves in!

A helpful reader – who will remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious – emailed me yesterday morning. I was just about to start work but the subject line caught my attention: Did You Give Permission For This?

Uh oh. I started reading the message he had forwarded.

It had originated from a domain called IndieWriterSupport.com (you can cut-and-paste that address or Google it, but I’m not linking directly and giving them an SEO boost). And it appeared to be a straight cog from my book Let’s Get Visible.

Emailexcerpt1What was going…

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The Red Tree

Art by Nancy Farmer

New painting, going into the 303 Gallery’s Christmas exhibition next week. The theme was ‘A Walk in the Woods’…I know, it’s a bit Glastonbury, but at the same point there are interesting environmental and horticultural lessons here to be learned about dandelions and why we should be careful about cutting down trees…

The Red Tree - painting in watercolour by Nancy Farmer The Red Tree – painting in watercolour by Nancy Farmer

Detail of Dragon Detail of Dragon


Detail of Dandelions Detail of Dandelions

I’m a fan of Dandelions, and they are good for the soil – but what you see is the mere tip… of the dandelion. This is why they are good for the soil, but of course this is also why they are so very difficult to get rid of, like a self-respecting weed should be.

A foolhardy woodcutter A foolhardy woodcutter

Below is the original sketch for the painting – the painting is watercolour, but the sketch was digital, worked up on my tablet which…

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Author Solutions and Friends: The Inside Story

David Gaughran

ASandfriendsweboptAuthor Solutions has forged partnerships with a long list of famous names in publishing – from Simon & Schuster and Hay House to Barnes & Noble and Reader’s Digest.

Recent disclosures in various lawsuits, along with information sent to me by a Penguin Random House source, detail for the very first time exactly how these partnerships work and the damage they are causing.

Since a second suit was filed at the end of March, Author Solutions is now facing two class actions, with the new complaint alleging unjust enrichment and exploitation of seniors on top of the usual claims of fraud and deceptive practices. It also has a wonderfully precise summary of Author Solutions’ operations:

Author Solutions operates more like a telemarketing company whose customer base is the Authors themselves. In other words, unlike a traditional publisher, Author Solutions makes money from its Authors, not for them. It does so…

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Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Your Account

The WordPress.com Blog

Because we want to make WordPress.com accounts as secure as we can, we’ve made it easier for you to set up two-factor authentication for your account, so you can take advantage of the top-of-the-line security standard.

WordPress.com has supported two-factor authentication (2FA) since 2013. Also known as two-step verification, two-factor authentication allows you to protect your WordPress.com account with both a password and a time-sensitive code you get from your mobile device.

To enable two-step authentication, tap your profile picture to jump into the “Me” section and hit the Security tab. Click on “Two-Step Authentication,” and initiate the setup wizard. You can opt to use an independent mobile app, like Google Authenticator or Authy, that will generate access codes for you, or you can get codes texted to your phone via SMS.

Once two-factor authentication is set up, when logging into your WordPress.com account, you’ll use both…

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